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Verified by Intertek,
Because sustainability is built on trust!

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In order to have a new third party verification, we underwent an arduous verification process carried out by Intertek, a renowned provider of Total Quality Assurance services.

In the current global landscape, where environmental concerns loom large, it is imperative for the private sector to take decisive steps towards sustainability.


Addressing pressing issues such as climate change and pollution requires concerted efforts across industries. Among these, the textile industry stands out as one of the most polluting, thus placing a significant responsibility on its stakeholders to innovate and provide sustainable solutions.


Recognizing this responsibility, we have committed ourselves to advancing sustainability and circularity within the textile sector. Central to our efforts is the continuous improvement of our dyeing processes, aiming to minimize environmental impact while maintaining product quality. However, in an industry where standards like OEKO-TEX and GOTS exist, newer innovative processes like our KIPA dyeing method often lack established benchmarks.


Image: KIPA


In such cases, the need for third-party verification becomes paramount to instill confidence in customers seeking sustainable options.


This led us to engage Intertek, a renowned provider of Total Quality Assurance services, to verify the efficacy and environmental benefits of our KIPA dyeing process. Over the course of four intensive days, Intertek conducted rigorous inspections, measurements, and controls at various stages of our dyeing operations.

>>> Watch the verification process video


The verification process included thorough scrutiny of our production facilities, alongside sampling and analysis of effluent to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Image: KIPA

The outcome of this meticulous assessment was the confirmation of the positive environmental impact of our KIPA dyeing process compared to conventional methods.

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Securing Intertek verification not only bolsters the credibility of our sustainable practices but also reinforces our commitment to transparency and accountability. With this endorsement, we can offer our customers a proven solution for producing eco-friendly garments, thereby meeting consumer demand for sustainable products and earning the trust of investors.

The KIPA team

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