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The apparel brand Faherty visited our facilities in Lima  

The occasion served as an opportunity to show them our spinning and dyeing facility and get them to know key aspects of our production processes and sustainability strategy.

Alex and Mike from Faherty

As part of our business development strategy we got in contact with Alex & Mike, founders of Faherty. We invited them to visit our facility and take a deep look to our spinning and dyeing processes which are carefully designed to meet high quality standards and to process the best organic cotton as Tangüis.


Also we explained them key aspects of our sustainability strategy through which we achieved a reduction of at least 80% of chemicals and other harmful products in the residual water. Of course, we shared some grateful moments and exchanged great ideas on how we can work together. We are eager to start providing them with our sustainable fabrics.

Faherty is an apparel family brand all about great quality, legendary comfort and good vibes. They are fueled by purpose and leaving the world better than they found it.

The KIPA team

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