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KIPA's Green Milestone:
Dyeing with 100% Renewable Energy 

In an era where taking care of the planet is more important than ever, we have made a big green leap by switching to renewable energy to power the KIPA’s dyeing process.

100% Sustainable Energy

We can confidently state that in the year 2022, we used 100% renewable energy to run KIPA’s dyeing process. Moreover, if we also consider that KIPA consumes 20% less energy than a regular dyeing process, then we can say that we have significantly reduced our carbon emissions.

To back up our sustainable claims, KIPA's renewable energy usage has been certified by SGS, a well-known company that verifies and certifies sustainable practices. Getting the SGS seal of approval means we are doing things right when it comes to sustainability.

Our shift to renewable energy isn't just a big milestone; it's a sign of progress and a commitment to protecting our planet. By choosing renewables, KIPA has not only made its dyeing process greener but has also set an example for the entire textile industry.

Let’s remind us that we can all do our part for a greener future, one renewable energy choice at a time.

The KIPA Team

100% Sustainable Energy certificate

This is the certificate issued by SGS on behalf of Compañía Industrial Romosa SAC, the parent company of KIPA.

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