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Supporting SOS Children’s Villages Peru through its Integral Recycling Program

In a demonstration of unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we have joined hands with SOS Children’s Villages Peru, reinforcing their mission to provide a better future for children in need.

SOS Children’s Villages Peru

Under the Integral Recycling Program, we have strategically placed 15 recycling bins within the facilities. These bins are dedicated to the collection of paper, cardboard, PET plastic bottles, and caps. The initiative is not only environmentally responsible but also serves as a direct channel of support to SOS Children’s Villages Peru.

SOS Children’s Villages Peru
SOS Children’s Villages Peru

The collected recyclables are subsequently sold by SOS Children’s Villages Peru to its strategic partners. The proceeds generated from these recycling efforts are channeled towards funding the clothing and education of Peruvian children in need.

SOS Children’s Villages Peru operates as part of the larger SOS Children’s Villages International, the world’s largest organization dedicated to ensuring that children and young individuals without parental care or those facing the risk of losing it receive the support, care, and nurturing environment they require to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. By actively participating in this initiative, KIPA contributes to a global network of organizations striving to make a positive difference in the lives of countless vulnerable children.

KIPA is not only committed to delivering excellence in its products and services but also to making a meaningful impact on the communities it serves. This collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages Peru is a testament to the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its determination to create a better future for the world's most precious resource – our children.

The KIPA team

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