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A story woven with soft cotton and a lot of trust

After many years of working together, we have been able to establish a fruitful business relationship and friendship. This is our story with Faherty Brand.

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Image: Faherty


In the vast and bustling city of Lima, in the year 2015, the sun shone brightly when, after a surfing session on the Lima beaches, a young entrepreneur with a pleasant smile appeared at the company's door. It was Mike Faherty, the co-founder of the emerging Faherty Brand, now a successful American clothing brand committed to sustainability.

The search for textile suppliers with good references had led him to the industrial area of Lima, precisely to us. Mike was welcomed by Kika Dávila, who sensed in him the same passion and determination that she and her husband Pablo Lupis had when they founded, three decades ago, Compañía Industrial Romosa, our parent company.

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Image: Faherty


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Watch the video of Mike giving his view of sustainable fashion and how KIPA fits with Faherty Brand values.

Following that initial meeting, Mike met Pablo Lupis Jr., who now leads the company. With a fully sustainable vision for the fashion industry, Pablo shared the same philosophy as Mike. The connection was instant, and thus began a business and friendship relationship with the Lupis-Dávila family.


During the early years, both companies immersed themselves and worked together in developing high-quality cotton fabrics for various lines of Faherty Brand clothing. Later on, Pablo introduced Mike to an ambitious sustainable project that had materialized during the pandemic – KIPA, the brand of sustainable fabrics known for its innovative dyeing process that brings significant reductions in the use of dyes, water, energy, time, and wastewater pollution. Mike's admiration for the quality and versatility of KIPA sealed the alliance.

In the year 2024, Faherty Brand is gearing up to launch a new collection with KIPA fabrics, specifically with the Active Collection, the performance fabric line developed by Pablo and his innovation and development team. It is expected that this line will be well-received among customers who prefer to buy sustainable clothing.

This story is a testament to how shared passion for sustainability and quality can bring together people from different parts of the world in a fruitful collaboration. Together, we are ready to innovate and grow, demonstrating that sustainable fashion is not just a passing trend but the present and future that the industry and the planet need.

The KIPA team

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